Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sky Watching

I spent a quiet Saturday afternoon on a project in my loft studio. I wasn't paying any attention to the outdoors when I suddenly felt I should turn my head and look. The bright beautiful sunny day had turned into what you see above. I grabbed my camera of course and then looked to see what the weather forecast was. Severe storm headed our way. Hail, 60-70 mph winds and rain.

The clouds were just too interesting to ignore!

Within minutes the winds arrived and the waves picked up. Rain pelted the windows. Strangely though the birds kept coming to the feeder. I saw several red winged blackbirds land and fly off.

These two came for an early dinner when the winds calmed down a little but it was still raining pretty good.

When things got quiet I went off to start our dinner when I noticed this. It looked a bit frightening but I didn't see any cows or semis flying through the air and after a few photos decided it was not as it seemed.

The next interesting cloud formation was this cotton ball looking sky.

Nothing beats a good sunset!!


Lauren Alexander said...

Beautiful photo-story, Mary! The sky can be so amazing :-)

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Great photos, Mary. Wow -- that weather missed us, thank goodness! We got some of your wind on this side of the state, but the hail and twister-wannabes passed south. WHEW!