Friday, May 23, 2008

Highlighting New Artists

Garrett Christopher is an exciting new artist lovers of minimalist art should pay close attention to.

Though using simple shapes, his ideas and lines are bold. He draws the observer into his world, which at first glance seems simple, but in mere moments the depth and complexity overtake the senses.

His art is strikingly like his personality. G.C. comes across as shy at first, but if you are fortunate enough to spend some time with him you begin to understand how deep and sensitive he really is.

Garrett's recent work entitled "POP" is his tribute to pop culture.

In this animal piece he adds bold color and gives his subject personality.

This vibrant tribute to his dad is coupled with a black and white honoring his mother.

Personal profile: single, loves to travel and is a rugged outdoors man.

Nathan Ray is causing equal excitement in the art world with his bohemian style of art. His art is never photographed, but "cleaned up" within minutes of it's creation. Nathan works quickly with his creations. No one knows how long it takes him to create an idea. He talks of it to no one. He works quickly and silently thrilling his audience with murals in unusual spots. He also does "scatterings". This art is unique in that he uses different objects at different times but there is always a theme. Sometimes it's food and at other times it's something broken scattered about. It's quickly "cleaned up" and this leaves him free to create a new artistic impression whenever the mood strikes.

To view Nathan's art you must be personally invited to spend a day with him.

Personal profile: A bit of a loner, J.R. still enjoys quiet time with family and friends. He loves acting. Friends refer to him as a rolling stone. He's always on the move!


Lauren Alexander said...

Wow! You've found some real talent! Love children's art -- LOVE it :-)

Gail McCormack said...

Loved this post Mary, the featured artists are very talented and extremely adorable!

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

Oh my gosh, Mary, I cannot BELIEVE how much they are growing up!

Your art review was learned and informative. :-))))

Hugs, Ronda