Tuesday, May 6, 2008


6" x 6" Oil on Canvas: Sold

Ok, so I don't REALLY have a delectable brownie dripping in yummy dark chocolate icing sitting on my table at the moment, but I'd like to have one!! Mid afternoon, after hours of painting I get the munchies, or chocolateies. I usually settle for juice and a cracker. We can dream... :)

What's your mid day snack? Or do you need one while you create?


Ronda said...

Of course you don't have a brownie sitting on your table. YOU ATE IT already! :-))) Yummy yummy -- your food paintings are the best kind: Extraordinarily well painted and NON FATTENING!

Mary Hughes Studio said...

So you don't believe the juice and cracker story?? :)

Lauren Alexander said...

OH my...my tummy just growled! Great painting. Oh how I love brownies. Why is everything bad for me taste so good?