Sunday, May 11, 2008

Birds At Play

This is a cloudy day with that kind of rain that smells so good. The sky spit out bits of rain off and on all day. Very light, very soothing.

For hours now birds of every kind have been swooping, circling, gliding through the drops, non stop!! From every window in the house I've watched what looks like an airport with the air traffic controllers napping, amazed no birds collide.

So I got out my camera thinking I'd capture at least 5 at a time on film.

Well there's one blurry image of a bird. So I took 150 more. 90% show no birds at all!! The other 10% show only a dot of a bird way in the distance. Every time I'd put down my camera the window would fill with 10-15 birds playing in the air. Of course!! They're fast, that's the thing. But in looking at the photos carefully I did find one guy just watching.

Do you see him there at the very top of the tree? He's in 50 frames!!!!!

He's a Red Winged Blackbird. They have a great call and we've enjoyed hearing them this spring.

A perfect perch to watch all the activity.

And off he goes.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!! And to all mommies out there who take care of 2 legged humans, 4 legged kids that meow or bark or the two legged that tweet, you're someones mom and you're appreciated!!

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Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

You are so hilarious.

I'm laughing so hard....