Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bzzzzy Beeez

8" x 24" Oil on Canvas: Sold

Sometimes the end result to an inspired conception can be anything but what you pictured. Such is the case with this painting. I'd pictured two paintings, each featuring 7 canaries. The first was the "Canary and Butterfly" (shown at the bottom of this post) It worked out just as I'd imagined it.

The second painting was to be 7 canaries with striped shadows running across them. They would be like the bees in a subtle way. When the painting was almost finished my husband came to look at it and didn't understand what it was. I realized I hadn't made it work. I'd struggled with it for weeks, stopping and starting. It was his viewing of it that made me realize what I already knew deep down. It worked in my mind but not in the outer. So I had to reinvent this idea into something else, which I'm pleased to say was a good thing.

In making changes to this painting I ended up using much more vibrant color and texture. I think it makes for a nice contrast to the first painting.

These little guys are actually quite a bit larger than life size. It's hard to express that in photos and ads.


Gail McCormack said...

Hi Mary
In the end the painting really DID work, I love it! I bet it's even more fabulous in real life. Your work is sensational.

Mary Hughes Studio said...

Thank you Gail! I appreciate that coming from such a talent as yourself. When I think of you I think of your birdie standing on the teacup. SO sweet!!

Ronda said...

You know how much I adore your yard longs. OK, two-thirds yard longs. Whatever, this one is as delightful as ever. You never cease to amaze me!