Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dogs of Spring

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There are the obvious signs of spring like all the birds singing, trees budding, flowers poking their fingers out of the ground, but I've noticed this spring a new sign. Dogs running free. The great escape!! After talking to my daughter about her dog's latest run from home, one of the neighbors dogs decided to take her own run. She's a bird dog puppy and the sheer amount of hundreds of birds in the neighborhood made for a very long chase through the streets and yards nearby. It was pouring rain but that didn't slow her down one little bit. Her human parents along with my husband and I called, pleaded, whistled, bribed...but to no avail. I'm guessing it was a good hour before she finally tired of the chase and allowed herself to be caught. She was soaked and acted as though she wanted to be home with her family all along.

A few days later on a much nicer day I heard the frantic calls of another neighbor pleading with their four legged darling to come back. A short while later Toby showed up in our yard followed by his daddy with the car and the promise of "going bye bye". It worked thank goodness.

Since then I've noticed many dogs out walking, running and sniffing, some with their family and some on their own.

So why the rash of doggie escapes? Must be spring. All the sites, smells and sounds of spring don't just excite us two legged creatures!

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