Sunday, March 30, 2008

Challenge: Not a Dirty Word

"Canary & Butterfly" Oil on Canvas available on my website.

I used to work with merchandisers for a large national retailer, and one of our jobs was to allocate the number of individual products to each store for the year. "you get 12 lawnmowers", etc. and it was decided by how many the store sold the year before. I can tell you I got an ear full from store managers when they got the news that they wouldn't get the opportunity to sell even one more than the year before. Their best hope was to do only as well.

A public school art teacher drilled into our class not to paint anything we didn't know. If you live in a corn field, paint that. Don't try to paint the sea if you don't know the sea. While that sounds like common sense and maybe even a good recipe for better than average art it leaves out a lot of things. Fantasy for instance or experimentation, inspirations. It's limiting, just like the limited allocations.

In each case challenge was outlawed. There was no opportunity to move forward, go higher, do better. It's safe. Safe is ..... safe, boring, it's living the same day over and over again. What's the point unless your goal is to just see how long you can survive and stay sane in sameness. But sameness is also a sort of insanity.

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