Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Long Winter

A blackbird flying to the bird feeder just last week during a spring snowstorm.

I'm sure I've never experienced as long a winter as this past one. Our first full winter on the lake in Michigan was very white, very cold and very long. Spring has always been my favorite season but this year it comes with whoops and hollers.... and birds singing as though they too are SO happy to see spring finally show. Today for the first time this year the ice was completely melted off the lake. Yesterday we had ducks, geese, swans, and muskrats fishing nearby. Early boaters enjoyed our balmy 65 degrees today. Hundreds of minnows, along with sunfish, bass and pike are swimming ice free.

I dared open windows and even cooked our dinner on the grill. Sunsets are back...

This week we'll have clouds, rain, and highs in the 40's. Next weekend they say we'll get more snow and rain mixed. Spring is a tease but we love her!!

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Ronda said...

Oh yes, wasn't our Michigan weekend so fine?? It's nice on this side of the state again today, but very windy. We'll take that wind and sun -- far better than the rain they predicted! Your long canary painting is STUNNING! We stop and look at our Pablo and Pickles paintings every day and marvel anew at how beautifully you captured our pets.

Hope all is well, and you've got that blueberry muffin recipe taped up on the fridge door and ready when we come by for the fresh ones you promised us come blueberry season. :-D

Fondly, R