Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baby Robin Steps Out Oil Painting on Canvas

20" x 10" "Maybe Tomorrow"

This little Robin fledgling is taking his first steps out of the nest. He was rescued after a storm that left him wet and on the ground with very few feathers. We found a nest, tied it to a tree and in a short time his mother began feeding him, visiting him every 20 minutes or so. He lived the life of an independent youngster with the support of his mother for almost a week. 

Rather than being pushed out of the nest, it was his decision to take those first steps. On this particular day he stepped out of the nest , walked a few feet, took a look around, up, down, side to side, then turned and walked back to the nest and took a nap. He would brave the new world the next day. It was a unique and wonderful experience, now captured in a painting. 

The canvas is stretched and the edges are painted for the option to display without a frame if you choose. 

Contact me if you are interested in the original painting. 

Reproductions are available on paper, canvas and metal, framed and unframed at FineArtAmerica. A better close up view is available there also. 

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