Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lizard Love

8" x 8" Oil on Canvas: Commission

Just finished the two lizard paintings. While focusing on them I've at the same time been watching and feeding a swan family. I'll be posting photos and the story on my Michigan blog. I've decided to try and keep this blog all about art, so I've added two blogs to my list. One is on living in Michigan and the other one is written by my dog when I'm not looking. He's a real chatty Cathy.

I'm working on a new still life on an artists' board. I'm liking the process so far. They say the colors are brighter on a panel and it is nice and smooth. Hope to have it finished very soon.

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Preston said...

You've made a lizard look soft and cuddly, you are a magician.

Mary said...

Of course I'm a big fan of these pictures :) If it's possible, they look even better in person. Thanks for capturing their personalities!