Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm it!!

I've been tagged by Antique Cottage Rose. I can't convince my husband to try this in his clock group. :)

1. Name your two favorite Scrapbook Topics: People and Pets.

2. What are the two best places you've been to: Estes Park Colorado, Lake of The Ozarks.

3. Name two things you do every day: Meditate/Pray, Have talk time with husband.

4. Name two things that pretty much everyone knows about you: I paint, I love birds and dogs......

5. Name two places that you wish to visit: Venice, Budapest

6. Two things that you may not know about me: I daydreamed about being a professional ice skater for years, I write stories in my spare time.

7. Name two nicknames that you had at some point in your life: Charlie, Little Girl

8. Name two interesting jobs that you've had (good or bad): Gave tours through historic buildings as a kid, Worked as a PBX operator on an old cord board.

9. What are two fun things that you do after work: Fish (weather permitting), work some more (paint)

10. Name two things that you would like to learn: How to get the dishes done, bathroom cleaned, vacume, laundry, all while I'm painting or sleeping. Knitting.

11. What were the last two things that you downloaded or CDs that you bought: Songs - "The Greatest" by Cat Power and "My Moon My Man" by Feist.

12. What were the last two books that you read: "Infinite Supply" and "The Thunder of Silence" by Joel Goldsmith

13. What two TV shows or movies from your childhood do you still enjoy watching after all these years? I don't like re-runs much having seen so many as a kid, but I can watch Warner Brothers cartoons and still laugh like it's the first time.

OK, that was let's learn about two more talented and interesting women! T. Savage - Savage Artworks, Lauren Alexander.


SavageBabble said...

Ha!! That's cool.
So....I have to take thes questions to my blog and answer them and tag someone else?

Mary Hughes Studio said...

Yes! We'd all like to know the artist behind the bunny. We're all watching you!!!

Mary Hughes Studio said...

ohh and I might have had paint on my hands.