Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ring Billed Gulls Oil Paintings

I'm working out of a suitecase this summer. While this has it's challenges it also has it's rewards. While in Eastern Michigan for a few weeks I was missing the swans and my daily visits with the local birds at home, but soon enough I had bird visitors in the parking lot outside my motel room door. Ring Billed Gulls gathered every evening looking for food. I brought out a loaf of bread and had 30 - 40 instant friends. I took lots of photos and found they are very humorous and intesting to watch.

The little paintings above are just 1st roughed in layers of 4 of the gulls. I thought the way each would stand or walk was interesting and pretty cute, so I'm painting a little series. I'll update as the paintings progress.

Artist Mary Hughes, Michigan U.S.A.


Ruth Welter said...

Hi Mary, I love this series, I'm sure these little guys will be wonderful!! Love your dog portraits from the post below. GORGEOUS.


Marina Petro said...

Love these gulls! They brought a smile to my face. Thank you for your comment on my 'Red Rose.'

Barbara Rudolph Fine Art said...

Those are so fun and humorous, they make me laugh. You do great work.