Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dog Pet Portrait Tribute With Ashes

20" x 20" Oil on Canvas: Commission

A few weeks ago I got an interesting commission order. A lady who had lost the family dog about a year ago was interested in commissioning a portrait for her husband for Christmas. The unusual part of all this was that she wanted to know if I could paint some of his ashes into the painting. This was unusual only to me as I'd never had that request before but I don't doubt it's been done by others many times. We talked about how his name and nick names could be incoporated into the portrait as well. Seeing that he played with tennis balls I thought the names on the balls would fit into the painting nicely. Klondike had unique black makings on his tongue too and we made sure that was part of the portrait. This tribute to this beautiful and much loved dog was a joy to paint.

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