Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dogs and Newborns

Spring has had such a difficult time getting a toe hold here that to realize summer is just weeks away is almost a shock, but our 80 something day today helped bring that idea home!

I've had the pleasure over the past few weeks and months to paint some sweet puppy faces. These are a couple of them.

While out on a stroll around the grounds this evening with my own puppy I spied a Mourning Dove high in our pine tree deep in the shadows. I thought she might have a nest there so I went to get my camera thinking she'd be there when I got back. Her sillouette was so beautiful with the sun slanting behind her. When I returned she had taken off but I found this little egg shell low in the branches and decided it would make an interesing photo.

As I walked along peering into other dense fir trees I spotted a robin sitting with her back to me low in a dense evergreen. She spotted me at the same time and flew off leaving a babe behind. So I took a photo with a zoom and quickly left so mom would return fast. This baby doesn't have much to keep him warm just yet.

As I came up on my front porch, mommy was in a tree nearby letting it be known she was not a happy camper. So I took a photo of her too peering behind the lilacs. I went inside and things got quiet right away and all is well. Last winter I found many abandoned nests in these dense bushes I'd not noticed in the summer. So many little eyes peering out at us as we go out into the yard.

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Gail McCormack said...

Hi Mary
Your Paintings as always are stunning, I honestly think I'm looking at a photo when I see them - but a photo with character and feeling!

Loved your "Nature" photos too - what a beautiful part of the World you must live in