Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mothers at Easter

This is what Easter looked like at my parents home. My mother wasn't the type to go too crazy at holidays but she really liked Easter and made it special. This photo is her kitchen table on the day before Easter. (Sat.) many years ago. For me it highlights everything about that holiday with her. The preparation!

Her traditions always included ham, a lemon pie, Easter candy and lots and lots of colored hard boiled eggs. If you don't have stained fingers at the Easter table you messed up somewhere!

Easter as an egg and candy holiday was never my favorite until maybe today. This year we're having our first ever Easter holiday with my husband's youngest son, who is about to turn 14. He doesn't like ham or eggs either for that matter, but my maternal instincts have kicked in just having him around for this holiday.

I won't be dressing him up for church in a little Easter outfit like I did with my daughter, shown here at three years of age (being a really good sport in her white tights and sky blue Easter dress. The bonnet was left inside. Yes I made her wear a bonnet!) She turned out quite lovely, normal and a good mommy creating her own Easter tradition with her little ones.

I have hope that even though our visitor won't be enjoying his mothers traditions this year, he'll feel special and someday remember with fondness the offerings from my kitchen this Easter.

Happy Easter!!


The American Homemaker said...

Happy Easter :) I love the preparation that goes into holidays too.

Lauren Alexander said...

beautiful pictures! I love all those Easter traditions :-D