Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bluebird Swooping Day

Yes, it's Bluebird Swooping Day here in Michigan. Well at least over my house it is. For the past 4-5 hours dozens and dozens of bluebirds have been buzzing my house. We've been watching from inside for quite awhile and can see them from all windows flying around, up, down... I went outdoors and they buzzed me too, close enough for me to see their bright blue backs and red breasts. They have no fear and seem to be having a good time. Other birds have been caught up in the flight just to get to our feeder. I haven't been able to find any information online as to why this behavior, but it's a very interesting and fun experience to see them.

My neighbor has been feeding bluebirds for years so I would have expected them to be buzzing her house. It's several lots over.

As I write this these pretty happy birds are flittering by my window. Heavy rain is on the radar getting ready to move in, so this multiple hour show will be coming to an end soon. Maybe they're the bluebirds of happiness buzzing me.

If you double click on the photos you get a better look.

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