Friday, March 27, 2009

Skywatch Friday Day in March

Well it's finally skyworthy around here. I've been out of pocket with skywatch because the sky in the winter for the most part is steel gray, day in and day out. We get peeks at the sun sometimes but it's such a shock I forget to grab my camera. This sky reminded me again of how magnificent it is the rest of the year.

Be sure and check out the sky from the vantage point of others around the world by clicking on the emblem below! Happy SkyWatch Friday!!


Catherine said...

Magnificent is The word, Mary.
Those colors are so peaceful, and relaxing. How can the sky be at the same time pinky, oranged end blue ?

Louise said...

This must be quite a treat after a winter of steel grey. What beautiful colors and cloud formations!

Just in case it would matter to you, you are no required to post a sky of the day or week for Sky Watch. Many use archived photos when there is nothing good at the present. If you want to join us but have less-than-sensational skies, you are welcome to do that!

Mary said...

Thanks Louise that makes sense!

J Bar said...

Top shot.

Gail McCormack said...

STUNNING photos Mary

I love your painting of the Bulldog below!!!