Saturday, December 20, 2008

Minus 3

Minus 3. That's how cold it is right now as the sun is rising on the houses across the lake. It's warmed up some since I got up. I started out the day with a -11. Chilly, but not complaining. Yesterday we had that monumental snowstorm that's hit so many. It dumped close to a foot of snow at our doorstep.

I'm working on cows, goats and dog paintings this weekend. We're welcoming the youngest child in the family for the holidays today too.

Dreaming of a white Christmas is a thing of the past. I must have dreamed that a lot!

Be sure and check out the sky from the vantage point of others around the world by clicking on the emblem below! Happy SkyWatch Friday!!


Anonymous said...

Your photos and art are wonderful. I used to paint but it's been years, need to get back to it:)

fishing guy said...

Mary: I do look forward to warmer days, nice sky capture.

Lauren Alexander said...

Wow! That is cold. And look at that view! Stay warm, Mary :-)

April said...

Beautiful winter scenes! Very lovely view of the lake and houses!

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Mary, Stay warm...boy , it looks cold by you.

I wanted to wish you a very happy holiday.