Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pet Portraits and Gift Certificates

I get asked from time to time if I would be willing to paint any kind of pet and the answer is yes! Lizards, snakes, mice, birds, cats, dogs.... Any pet is welcome. I'll paint it from the front, side, back. Close up, full body, head and shoulders... whatever you like.

I find that lots of people like to give portraits for gifts. Many people know someone who is crazy for their pet and a portrait is just the thing!

People also like to give a gift certificate to have a portrait done saving them the decision making. Those are available too!

I'm extending free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. for a limited time, so don't wait, order today. (to place an order you can either contact me via the blog or go to my website listed on my sidebar.)


Kathiesbirds said...

Lovely art work. You do a really nice job. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Island Rambles Blog said...

These are extraordinary photos and really well done...thanks for the visit.

Mary said...

Thanks for the comment, but these are not photos, but hand painted oil paintings.

Mary said...

To anyone thinking about this --

I have had 5 of my birds' portraits done, and given 5 bird portraits and 1 cat portrait as gifts, done by Mary.

It's hard to believe, but these paintings are even better in person!

As soon as I stop procrastinating, Mary, you'll get my photos for a few more. Probably early to mid November.

DoodleBird said...

WOW! You are an EXCELLENT artist! I just came across yourr site because Mary had a link up. I am already a fan. :-)