Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Big and Little

We've had the pleasure of seeing the largest and smallest creatures recently. I saw my first eagle two weeks ago. Twice actually but I didn't have a camera on me at the time.

This beautiful creature (Blue Heron) has been coming to our yard every day for the past few weeks and fishing for his/her lunch. Rain or shine. These photos show him in both kinds of weather and the beauty of him in flight. (photos by Ron Hughes)

72 days ago a turtle layed her eggs (7-8 of them) and we've been watching closely to see the little ones come out of the ground to make their way to the lake. Yesterday we saw evidence that one did and today my husband Ron was able to be on the spot when another came to the surface. The little guys eyes were still closed as he came out of the sand. We stopped him for just a moment for a photo op and then watched through binocculars as he made the long (for such a tiny creature) trek to the lake.


2sweetnsaxy said...

How great that the Heron visits your yard! I've only seen them at a lake and usually too far to get a shot as clear as I'd like. The in flight shots are awwwww-sum! And the baby turtle. Wow!

Mary said...

What great pictures! Aren't those tiny turtles just the cutest?