Sunday, August 17, 2008


Just finished: "Washed" 12" x 6" oil on canvas: Sold

This is the second Granny Smith Apple painting finished. It's of three apples that have been washed and are sitting on a kitchen towel waiting for the next part of their journey to pie.

The paintings have been slow going as I've been doing custom work in between. It's a nice project to return to when I have an hour to spare.

There is something homey about kitchen towels for me. I suppose we each have a memory or a place in our home that feels comforting. For me it's the kitchen. When I want to unwind I do some project in the kitchen no matter how mundane. Fixing dinner can be very relaxing to me.

These will all be nice individually or as several small groupings, or even as a large grouping. Green is a calming color.


Sharon said...

Hi Mary, Thanks for visiting. I was an oil painter long long ago. Your apples are beautiful and the kitchen towel is wonderful there.
PS Oh and I would love to see a face by you. Hope you do that.

Robyn said...

OH MY! This is such a lovely piece! Just gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by...come back often and say hi once in a while! I will be back to see your art! I am a huge fan of art! And yours is beautiful!

Ruth Welter said...

Ow so beautiful Mary...the texture on your kitchen towel is amazine.

Gail McCormack said...

Mary your work is stunning, I feel as if I could pick one of those freshly washed apples up and take a bite. I'd missed your last few posts - once again your work is stunning