Saturday, June 21, 2008

Donuts and Sunsets

"Party On A Donut" Sold

Just finished! A tribute to the glazed donut with additional icing and jimmies. What more can we add to this already sweet treat?? I've done this in oil on a 10 x 10 canvas so the subject is just a bit oversized. Why I picked donuts with the complication of jimmies, only a good counselor could tell you. It was not simple but I do like a challenge and I got what I wanted. It was fun.

It will be available on E-bay beginning Monday evening. Since I just finished it 15 minutes ago it's still quite wet.

Another beautiful sunset on Indian Lake.


Gail McCormack said...

My mouth is watering!
I feel as if I could reach in and touch your donuts, I even started counting the hundreds and thousands (do you call them jimmies)
The sunset is stunning, what a beautiful place you live in

becky voyles said...

Again gorgeous colors!!!