Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baby Steps

Discovering his new world came much more quickly than I'd imagined. Just 6 hours ago his nest mate had taken off to parts unkown, (the north side of the house into some Birch trees.) Now as I stood looking out at the Oak tree from my bedroom window I could see him standing outside his nest. Then came the tentative hops up the branch. (Just a few inches from the bottom of the branch in the photo is the nest he started from.)

He looked around at the new views of the world before him.

Dinner looks a long way down..... "and I don't have my flight feathers in yet or my tail feathers"...... so he walked back down the branch and back into his nest and took a nap. Tomorrow is another day. He sleeps snug under a golden moon.

Photos by Ron Hughes.

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