Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Attack of The Wrens (or) Chipmunk Trauma

A beautiful summers day, a tiny Chipmunk minding his own business, five tiny Wrens sharing fallen seed. Sounds SO sweet doesn't it? Well not on this day. Not on this deck!!! These five tiny, sweet peaceful looking Wrens decide they didn't want to share any of the seed and created a half circle around the Chipmunk. (a wall was behind him) He was cornered. They then sprank into action and all jumped him at once. The cute little guy got away but left a shocked human behind. :)
The photo captured the moments right before the signal was given, and they all turned to face him. No kidding. It really happened!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Just discovered your site. I love your art - it's so vibrant and full of passion. I may be being pedantic, but the five "wrens" here are actually four House Sparrows and what looks like a female House Finch (the bird far left seen from the rear). I don't suppose it improves the story in any way, but as a birder I just can't help myself letting you know...